Dave’s here for you: tips and advice from Headspace

Pretty much everyone in the world is feeling the effects of COVID-19. People are stressed out, feeling anxious and many are restless too. So Dave partnered with Headspace to bring you some health and wellness tips from their experts.

What’s Headspace?

Headspace is a leading mindfulness and meditation app that features hundreds of guided meditations and exercises to help you let go of stress, re-frame anxiety, and decrease restlessness. Here’s some of their advice for coping with COVID-19.

Letting go of stress

If you’re feeling stressed, that’s perfectly natural. Almost everyone is probably more tense than normal these days. One of the best ways to manage that stress is actually to acknowledge that this situation is outside your control and simply focus on the present.

Try this - When you notice you’re distracted or caught up in negative thoughts, try simply acknowledging them and then gently turn your attention to your breathing. Doing that throughout the day can help calm the mind and slow down some of those stressful thought patterns.

Managing anxiety

Feeling anxious and worried right now is completely appropriate during these uncertain times. You’re not alone in those feelings. Just remember, this situation won’t last forever.

Try this - If you feel overwhelmed, try going for a walk (while following all necessary safety precautions, of course). Whether outside or inside, focus on the way your feet feel when they hit the ground at each step and how the air feels on your skin. After a few minutes, your mind will naturally move on to other things.

You can also try keeping a list of things you’re grateful for. Then, whenever you're feeling anxious, you can easily remind yourself of all the good things going on in your life.

Dealing with restlessness

Many people are feeling particularly restless right now as we get used to social-distancing. After all, humans are social animals and we don’t generally like being stuck in one place all the time.

Try this - Try looking for ways to connect with friends, family and co-workers online or over the phone. Be patient though, being social that way comes with a learning curve.

And if you really just need to do something, some gentle exercise can help you step away from your thoughts. So throw on a podcast, some music or an exercise video and just move around for a little bit to give your mind a break.

Want more Headspace?

Headspace put together a collection of free exercises, meditations and resources to help people out during COVID-19. Tap here to check them out.

And, as part of Dave’s partnership with Headspace, you can also get a free month of Headspace Plus with the code DAVECARES from now through June 7, 2020. Just remember, Headspace will automatically renew your subscription after those 30 days and charge you for the next month.

The Dave Team

The Dave Team