Dave’s here for you: utilities during COVID-19

As we enter the second month of coronavirus, many people are starting to deal with paying bills while having a reduced paycheck or no paycheck at all. So, Dave’s put together information on what some companies are reportedly doing to help people manage their utility bills.


They’re suspending the cancellation of phone and internet services for customers who can’t pay their bills due to coronavirus. They’re waiving late fees and giving free access to its public WiFi hotspots.


Comcast is giving everybody, including non-subscribers, free access to its XFinity WiFi hotspots for 60 days as well as giving unlimited data to its customers. They’re also waiving late fees and pausing internet cancellations for people who can’t pay their bill.


For the next 60 days, they’ve given unlimited data to all their current customers who have plans with data.


They’re waiving late fees and pausing service cancellations for people impacted by the current crisis.

Hope this information helps make your days a little easier. Stay healthy!

- Dave

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The Dave Team

The Dave Team