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Save for your next big milestone with a Goals account. We’ll be here to help keep you on track.

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A more personal way to save

Customize your Goals by naming exactly what you’re saving for. This small step can help you stay motivated and that much more likely to reach your target.

No minimum deposit or commitment

Save at your own pace and track every step of your progress. You can withdraw your funds up to six times a month, and change or cancel your Goal anytime.

Set it and forget it

Set up automatic recurring deposits to your Goal to reach your big milestones faster. And before you know it, that dream vacation is in reach.

How to start your own Goal

Name your Goal

Choose a name for your Goal like Miami vacay, 
My first car, or 
Emma’s tuition.

Set a timeline

Set a date for when you’d like to reach your Goal by. You can always edit this (life happens).

Set a target

Choose the amount of cash you’d like to save up.

Add cash

Make a single transfer—or set recurring transfers on your own schedule—from your 
Dave Spending account or linked bank.

Save while you spend

Activate Round Up in your Dave Spending account to automatically, well, round up your debit purchases to the nearest dollar and save the change in your Goal. You can pause Round Up whenever you like.

Feel empowered with Dave

We’re on a mission to create financial opportunity for everyone. That’s why we’re breaking down barriers to entry for everyday spending, saving, and budgeting tools like Goals. No hidden fees. No red tape

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