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Security you can bank on

We take your security seriously and go above and beyond standard practices to keep you and your money safe. 

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Rest assured, you're FDIC insured

Dave Spending accounts are backed by Evolve Bank & Trust and FDIC-insured up to $250K, which means your money is protected from bank failure. 

Strong digital security 

Dave accounts are monitored 24/7 to protect against unusual activity and logins from suspicious devices. And if anything does happen, we’ve got real people for you to talk to all week.

Protected access to your cash

Dave gives you separate digital and physical debit cards—each with their own corresponding numbers. 

So if your physical card gets lost or stolen, you can freeze it from the app, and continue using your digital card safely

Fraud monitoring

We offer enhanced fraud monitoring systems to catch suspicious and fraudulent activity, keeping your account safe.

Zero liability protection

 The Dave Debit Mastercard® offers Zero Liability protection. So if fraud does occur, flag any suspicious charges to Dave to get covered.

Stay in control

Get real time transaction alerts to stay ahead of any fraudulent activity. You can always freeze, replace, or change the pin on your digital or physical Dave debit cards should you spot any transactions you don’t recognize.

Real-time support from real people

Need help with your account? Dave has fully-trained professionals standing by to help you out.

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