A spending account that works for you

Open a Dave Spending account in the app to get paid up to 2 days early,1 earn up to 15% cash back with the Dave debit card,2 get instant access up to $500 ExtraCashTM advances,3 and more.

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Why switch to Dave Spending?

We mean opportunities for everyone

There are no minimum balance requirements to open an account.

Because everyone deserves to better their financial future.

Instant access to ExtraCashTM

Get ExtraCashTM advances sent instantly to your Dave Spending account - so you can spend the cash you need, when you need it.3

Budget smarter, not harder

Always know how much you can spend while still covering all your bills with Dave's automatic budgeting feature.

No ATM fees

Get your cash without extra fees from 37K MoneyPass ATMs.4

Real-time support from real people

Need help with your account?
Dave has fully trained professionals standing by to help you out.

Skip the bank lines

Open a spending account right from your phone. It only takes a few minutes.

Ditch fees for good


No overdraft fees


No late fees


No minimum balance fees

Get paid up to two days early1

Get early access to your paycheck by setting up direct deposit into your Dave Spending account. Setting it up is easy!

Adding cash to your account is simple

  • Choose Dave as your primary account

    Set up direct deposit to get your paycheck directly sent to your Dave Spending account up to two days before you get paid.1

  • Transfer seamlessly between accounts

    Create a one-time or recurring bank transfer (ACH) from your connected external bank account.

  • Send cash via mobile wallet

    Send money in minutes from cash held in Apple Pay or G Pay from your device.

  • Deposit cash at 90K stores or cash a check in the app

    Tap "Deposit cash" in the app to find a participating location,5 or tap "scan a check" to cash it electronically.

  • Get an ExtraCashTM advance

    Access up to $500 instantly by taking an ExtraCashTM advance and transferring to your Dave Spending account.3

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Let the rewards roll in

With Dave Rewards you can earn up to 15% cash back from your daily spending at select retailers.2 Enjoy unique monthly offers automatically added to your Dave Debit Mastercard® card, plus add as many additional offers as you'd like.

Save while you spend

Activate Round Up in your Dave Spending account to automatically, well, round up your debit purchases to the nearest dollar and save the change in your Goal. You can pause it whenever you like.

Security stronger than a bear

Every account is protected and FDIC-insured up to $250K through our partner bank, Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.

Join millions of members and counting

It only takes a few taps of a bear claw.

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